A.W. Sutherland founded Sutherland's Produce with the
Kroger Co. as its first customer. Sutherland's Produce then
moved to make a home at the new Atlanta State Farmer's
Market in Forest Park, Georgia.

The Early Years...

Company changed its name to Sutherland's Eggs, Inc.
as J.E. "Gene" Sutherland Sr. took the reigns.

New Name, Same Family...

Sutherland's Eggs, Inc. established itself as a broadliner
by purchasing Rich & Morgan, the oldest independent
grocery in the city.

A Time of Growth...

Sutherland's Foodservice became a member of
Frosty Acres. The produce and packaging
operation of Sutherland's grew with the purchase
of Atlanta Produce Sales.

New Partnership...

Sutherland's Foodservice became a member of
Tailor Made Distribution and Gene Sutherland Jr.
was appointed President.

Third Generation...


Our Story

Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc. was founded in 1947 by Andrew Sutherland and has stayed in our family ever since. With four generations of Sutherland’s 800 combined years of service, and a dedicated team of 75, our entire team is ready to welcome you into the family.

Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc. began as a dream at 79 Trinity Avenue near the corner of Trinity Avenue and Washington Street. Original owner Andrew W. Sutherland started Sutherland’s Produce Company and delivered eggs, 10 cases at a time, by removing the backseat of his car or via pickup truck. Andrew’s wife, Lucy, helped in the office and would candle eggs when necessary. This was the beginning of our family business.

Sixty-five years later, Andrew’s dreams, principles, and integrity still shape and remain the cornerstone of Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc., one of the best independent food distributors in the country.